A Stress-Free, Budget-Friendly, Step-by-Step Guide to Wedding Planning

You're engaged and over the moon! Congratulations! Now what?

The internet is a big place and you're quickly getting overwhelmed, confused and stressed by All The Things you have to do to plan your wedding. The resources you've found don't speak to your unique and maybe a bit (or a lot) offbeat wedding plans and aesthetic. You're feeling pressured by family, friends, FOMO, and social media to have The Perfect Wedding, but the options and etiquette make your head spin.

You'd love to hire a wedding planner but the cost isn't in your budget.

Does this sound like you?

Wouldn't it be awesome if someone just laid out all the steps and you could follow it like a road map? You could totally do that, right? And it would definitely take less time, don't you think?

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Here's what the average wedding planning

process looks like: 

Here's what the DIY Wedding Planning Formula looks like: 

How easy is that?

The DIY Wedding Planning Formula is jam-packed with insider pro tips, done-for-you templates, scripts to help you talk through the tough stuff with family / friends / partner, links directly to my favorite wedding planning resources, and no-nonsense advice about how to plan your wedding on any budget!

Course & Unit Breakdown

Week 1

Unit 1.1 

Get your budget and guest list squared away with ready-to-go, fillable templates to help you figure it all out and scripts to help you have the tough conversations.

Unit 1.2 

Making those first decisions is tough! This unit will walk you through selecting your wedding date and wedding party, and getting all your organizational ducks in a row before you dig into planning.

Unit 1.3 

In this unit you'll get a big-picture view of your wedding plans, with a complete planning timeline and tools to help you build your inspiration board.

Week 3

Unit 3.1 

You can't go to your wedding naked (or maybe you can!), so in this unit we'll talk about wedding attire - gowns, tuxes, same sex wedding attire, attire for attendants, and accessories. (Sneak preview: Colorful socks or tights are one of my favorite wedding accessories!) 

Unit 3.2 

It's the unit we've all been waiting for...CAKE! We'll also cover transportation, videographers, and flowers in this unit.

Unit 3.3

When you're engaged you get to have lots of parties. There are engagement parties, showers, bachelor & bachelorette parties, and rehearsal dinners. We'll talk about all of 'em, as well as honeymoons in this unit.

Week 2

Unit 2.1 

Before you call any wedding vendors for quotes, there are a few insider secrets you'll learn in this lesson. You'll learn where to find vendors and how to talk to them about your wedding plans. Plus, you'll get access to The Vendor Table, which will help you keep track of all the information you're collecting, and to decide which vendors to choose.

Unit 2.2 

Time for research! In this unit you'll learn about different types of venues, caterers, bartenders & alcohol, rentals, and wedding planners and coordinators.

Unit 2.3 

A lot of the research can be done solo, but in this unit you'll definitely want to involve your partner, because two heads are more fun than one! We'll cover photographers, DJs and bands, and rings and other wedding jewelry in this unit.

Week 4

Unit 4.1 

While parties are fun, the whole point of a wedding is the getting married part, right? In this unit we'll cover officiants, ceremony planning, and the marriage license.

Unit 4.2 

I've never met a couple that didn't have at least some interest in the wedding decor and details. In this unit we'll talk about both, along with logistics, lighting, draping, linens, and decor rentals.

Unit 4.3  

Invitations are just one small segment of wedding stationery. We'll cover those along with registries and writing thank you's. I've even provided a thank you note ad libs you can follow if you get stuck on what to say.

Week 5

Unit 5.1

In this unit we'll talk about everyone's least favorite topic, the dreaded seating chart. Then we'll lighten it up with info about guest favors and clever ways to personalize your wedding.

Unit 5.2

Things like grand exits (and staged exits), bathroom baskets, and guest welcome bags are fun extras if you have the planning time and funds. We'll talk about those and more in this unit.

Unit 5.3 

In the final course unit, we'll cover your wedding day timeline (with a done-for-you template to get you started) and how to prepare for your wedding day, along with name changes and other post-wedding to-dos.

I Want To Join The DIYWPF For $97!
I Want To Join The DIYWPF PLUS For $147!

Why The DIY Wedding Planning Formula?

I've used my expertise as a professional wedding planner to design the DIY Wedding Planning Formula specifically for couples like you. I've boiled down the most important information for you and created a step-by-step guide packed with real-world advice, budget-maximizing strategies, and done-for-you templates to help you plan your own epic wedding.

My Secret Formula is specifically designed for:

  • Brides or grooms who are engaged and planning their weddings
  • Couples who have at least 3+ months left to plan before the wedding
  • Couples who are at least partially responsible for the wedding planning decisions and budget, and still have some decisions left to make
  • Couples who have any budget number

Sound Familiar? 

Then get ready to rock your planning

and your wedding!

The wedding day really is the best part of the whole process - I'm not gonna lie. But that doesn't mean you can't have fun with the planning, too! This is what the DIY Wedding Planning Formula does: it takes the pain and guesswork out of your journey to the Big Day.

Compress 12-18 months' worth of planning into a DIY 5 week course specifically designed to:

  • Simplify the wedding planning process on any budget
  • Take the guesswork out of planning with a step-by-step formula and plug-and-play templates with guides to help you reach the finish line (aka The Wedding Day)
  • Help couples who want options for personalizing their wedding experience
  • Be customizable at EVERY LEVEL, so your wedding is unique and 100% created & directed by you
  • Reduce your time, cost and stress in wedding planning
  • Get some support: DIY WPF+ provides a Facebook Community group whose members are going through course materials and the planning process together + access to a professional planner for expertise and troubleshooting - you're not alone!

The DIY Wedding Planning Formula includes:

  • 15 units over 5 weeks (3 emails per week) to pace out your process
  • Templates for every aspect of planning your wedding including a budget spreadsheet, a vendor database, a guest seating chart plan, a planning checklist & a vendor contact sheet
  • A comprehensive and curated collection of industry and DIY links to the best planning resources, all compiled in 5 units
Let Me In To The DIYWPF For $97!

The DIY Wedding Planning Formula PLUS includes:

  • 15 units over 5 weeks (3 emails per week) to pace out your process
  • Templates for every aspect of planning your wedding including a budget spreadsheet, a vendor database, a guest seating chart plan, a planning checklist & a vendor contact sheet
  • A comprehensive and curated collection of industry and DIY links to the best planning resources, all compiled in 5 units
  • Access to The DIY Wedding Planning Lab, a Facebook Community exclusively for DIYWPF+ students, where I answer your planning and course questions and you’ll meet and interact with engaged couples also working through the course
Let Me In To The DIYWPF PLUS For $147!

The Local Bonus

If you’re within the Event Plan-It service area and decide at any time that you’d like more help planning your wedding, I’ll deduct the full cost of the DIYWPF e-course from the cost of your Day-Of Wedding Coordination or Full Wedding Planning package - and you get to keep the DIYWPF e-course for free. Contact me for details! 

What This Isn't

The DIYWPF and DIYWPF+ are not a substitute for wedding day coordination – for that you really will need a wedding coordinator (a professional or a friend).

It’s not a live course – it’s delivered via a series of emails, with the option (DIYWPF+) to join the exclusive Facebook group, The DIY Wedding Planning Lab.

No book, app, course, or in-person wedding planner is a miracle worker, I’m sorry to say! This course cannot make money or time appear where it is not (or make family members temporarily disappear while they’re being a pain 😛 ) – but it will help you to maximize both to your advantage.


Lisa's DIY Wedding Planning Formula is a stroke of genius! Having been in the business of advising couples on how to have a badass wedding on the budget that suits them, I've learned the ins and outs of having a big bash on a lesser cash flow. Lisa's advice in this course covers the basics (set your budget -- duh) to the smaller details one might not think of (don't do a damn thing until you've set that budget) while breaking it down in a totally manageable way. So often we see wedding to-dos and checklists that have couples running for the hills before the engagement ring even gets a chance to sparkle in the sun, but this course helps make it simple and straightforward -- and amazingly less daunting. It should be required reading the second the question is popped for every couple!

Christen Moynihan, Editorial And Accounts Manager / Unicorn Wrangler The Broke-Ass Bride

Lisa Paladin from Event Plan-It was AMAZING! The fairy god mother of wedding coordinating! Our wedding was a true fairytale LARGELY due to Lisa's participation. Lisa was efficient, professional and just all around lovely to work with. I would choose Lisa EVERY time for anything...I'm sure she could do it! We are/were over the moon happy with Lisa's involvement with our big day!

Catherine S.

Lisa did an AMAZING job helping us to finalize and put together the last portions of our wedding. She was very organized and made sure everything ran smoothly. She was also very detailed; things that we never would of thought of and probably would have scrambled over the day of the wedding had we not used her. Even my bridal party was blown away at how attentive she was to them. Would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is planning an event, from wedding, baby shower or to whatever your needs are. She's very dependable and I never had second thoughts or worries working with her. She is also affordable for all that she did for us.

Brenda B.

Put the DIY Wedding Planning Formula

To Work For Your Wedding Day

The truth is that professional, in-person wedding planning services can cost anywhere from $1000+ to about 10-15% of your total wedding budget. By comparison, the DIY Wedding Planning Formula gives you all the insider info and all the planning tools you need to get your planning ducks in a row, for just a fraction of the cost of planning services. You’re armed with the theory and the tools to put that theory into practice. And if DIY is your groove but you need a bit of guidance on the management stuff, put the formula to work for your planning process and craft a wedding that you love without losing your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow is this different from a free app on my phone?

    There are some awesome wedding planning apps out there, to be sure. (I even include links to my favorites in the course.) They’ve got some great tools to help keep you organized on the go, and I highly recommend using one. But apps are two-dimensional: they offer the tools without much info about how to use them, and they offer almost nothing in the way of etiquette and planning advice – for that you have to head to the internet and scour the thousands of pages to find that needle in a haystack…which will probably be outdated and stuffy. Additionally, apps have no interactive component, while  DIYWPF+ members can ask their questions of a real, live person (me! along with other couples in the group).

  • q-iconCan’t I just use one of those binder guides?

    Of course you can! But the binder guides have the same limitations as phone apps, with the additional limitation that they’re only available when you’re lugging them around everywhere.

  • q-iconI like to see everything in print – can I do that with this e-course?

    You may print the e-course content to your heart’s content. (You just can’t share it with or sell it to others – with the exception of your partner. Copyright stuff, ya know.) Just check your course email for each unit for a link to print-ready copies of the course documents. 

  • q-iconHow do I know you know what you’re talking about?

    Good question, you smart cookie! Click here to check out my bio. To see if my kind of advice suits you, check out my blog here or my guest posts on Broke-Ass Bride, here.

I Want The DIYWPF for $97!
I Want The DIYWPF PLUS for $147!

The DIYWPF e-course launch date is Jan. 25th, 2016 so make sure to keep your eyes firmly on your inbox for your FIRST email when we go live on Jan 25th, 2016!