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Friday Faves: Wedding Food Trends

Wedding food trends that break the mold…without breaking the bank They say the way to someone’s heart – is through their stomach. (Especially if it involves guacamole.) Here’s another fun fact: besides the lovely favors or the decorations or the venue or the ceremony – all of which I’m sure you’ve poured hours of painstaking detail…Continue Reading

Friday Faves: Alternative Bridal Bouquets

These alternative bridal bouquets give a whole new meaning to “forget me nots” John Lennon once said, “Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow”. And then Bette Midler sang about love as a rose, and Bret Michaels reminded us that every rose has thorns. It’s no coincidence that artists keep making the comparison – if…Continue Reading

Friday Faves: Showbiz Themed Wedding Ideas

Ain’t No Wedding Like a Showbiz Themed Wedding Cuz There Ain’t No Biz Like Showbiz! Today’s post might be for you if…. You know how to bring the glitz and glam – you’ve practiced with your infamous Oscar-themed parties and Emmy evenings, sequins and red lipstick is your signature look, and you may or may not have once…Continue Reading

Friday Faves: Alternative Unity Ceremonies

Alternative Unity Ceremonies: can two lives be bound forever…with creativity? The unity ceremony is a fairly recent addition to the traditional wedding and is supposed to symbolize the coming together of two separate lives (and families) – embodied in two separate flames – that join together as one. If you want to get really poetic,…Continue Reading

Friday Faves: Alternative Wedding Transportation

Alternative wedding transportation so you can arrive in style The Tandem Bike – There are a lot of great places in Ohio that specialize in selling tandem bikes. If you know this is an activity that you and your better half enjoy then you’re really killing two birds with one stone: wedding transportation and fun couples’ activity!…Continue Reading


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