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Friday Faves: Alternative Bridal Bouquets

These alternative bridal bouquets give a whole new meaning to “forget me nots” John Lennon once said, “Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow”. And then Bette Midler sang about love as a rose, and Bret Michaels reminded us that every rose has thorns. It’s no coincidence that artists keep making the comparison – if…Continue Reading

Friday Faves: Alternative Elopements (that are Budget Friendly)

These alternative elopements will help you keep the courtroom drama on Netflix Elopements are steeped in a history of secrecy, passion, and subversion. Most who chose to elope did so out of necessity – their marriage would be illegal, so they had to run off to marry somewhere where they wouldn’t get arrested (or worse!). Sometimes…Continue Reading

5 Unforgivable Wedding Reception Mistakes

Guests won’t care if you serve them chicken Florentine instead of the chicken cordon bleu, but these 5 wedding reception mistakes are (almost) unforgivable: 1. Not telling them what to wear Whether it’s casual, themed, or black tie, letting your guests in on the dress code is step one to making them feel comfortable at…Continue Reading

Friday Faves: Alternative Engagement Photo Ideas

All photos credited, linked, permission requested and/or granted & under fair use.   Smile, you’re on the Engagement Camera! And now, for a little Friday eye candy – creative eye candy that is. These five engagement photo ideas (actually, six, because I just couldn’t get enough!) of my favorites have made the list for inventive…Continue Reading

Alternative Wedding Dresses – Modern Dramatic Gowns Under $1,000

Alternative Wedding Dresses are for the creative couple What’s more timeless or universally flattering than classic black and white? If you’re not planning a white wedding (or you are, but with a modern, dramatic twist), you might want to consider rockin’ out in one of these alternative wedding dresses (or non-dress tuxedos!): 1. $572 via…Continue Reading

10 Wedding Guests to Cut from Your List Now

Let me guess – you’re having trouble paring down the guest list? Psst! Every couple struggles with this! Fortunately, there are some easy tricks for narrowing the list, and I’m happy to share them with you! (Note that these are general tips, and your guest list may vary. Bottom line: Invite people you want to…Continue Reading


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