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Want FREE Wedding Planning Help?

One of the things I hear often from couples is that they can’t afford to hire a wedding planner – even though they desperately want and need help with wedding planning. It’s a challenge to squeeze an extra category into your wedding budget, I know, even when that service provider (a wedding planner) can help…Continue Reading

4 Ideas From Around the World for Proposing on Valentine’s Day

  The big day is coming! And I don’t mean the BIG, big day (aka, W-Day), but V-Day! If you happen to be reading this and planning a Valentine’s Day proposal to your sweetie, I’ve got a few traditional (but lesser-known) tips hand-picked from around the world for cuteness. (For more proposal tips, head on…Continue Reading

Introducing The DIY Wedding Planning Formula!

You might have noticed it’s been a bit quiet around Event Plan-It, and it’s because I’ve been working on a top secret mission to help out more creative couples just like you! Today is the day I can finally reveal it, and I’m SO EXCITED, YOU GUYS! Over the past 6+ months I’ve compiled some…Continue Reading

Planning a Wedding? Put Down the Pinterest!

  Proceed with caution as you enter the warehouse of wedding inspiration… Put down the Pinterest and keep your hands and mobile devices where I can see ’em! Okay, so maybe it isn’t that dire a situation, but the wedding inspiration FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) can definitely cause your wedding planning to spin way outta control.…Continue Reading

Friday Faves: Showbiz Themed Wedding Ideas

Ain’t No Wedding Like a Showbiz Themed Wedding Cuz There Ain’t No Biz Like Showbiz! Today’s post might be for you if…. You know how to bring the glitz and glam – you’ve practiced with your infamous Oscar-themed parties and Emmy evenings, sequins and red lipstick is your signature look, and you may or may not have once…Continue Reading

Friday Faves: Alternative Elopements (that are Budget Friendly)

These alternative elopements will help you keep the courtroom drama on Netflix Elopements are steeped in a history of secrecy, passion, and subversion. Most who chose to elope did so out of necessity – their marriage would be illegal, so they had to run off to marry somewhere where they wouldn’t get arrested (or worse!). Sometimes…Continue Reading

Friday Faves: Alternative Unity Ceremonies

Alternative Unity Ceremonies: can two lives be bound forever…with creativity? The unity ceremony is a fairly recent addition to the traditional wedding and is supposed to symbolize the coming together of two separate lives (and families) – embodied in two separate flames – that join together as one. If you want to get really poetic,…Continue Reading


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