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Friday Faves: Broke-Ass Wedding Advice

Hey guys! I’ve been totally delinquent in keeping up with the blog (BUSTED!), so for today’s Friday Faves I’m sharing with you some of what I’ve been up to. (Of course, earlier in the year I released the DIY Wedding Planning Formula, and now it’s also busy Wedding Season, so there’s that. 😉 ) Namely,…Continue Reading

4 Essentials For Securing Sweet Deals With Vendors

Today’s post features guest writer Devon Smiley, a contract negotiation ninja. Devon specializes in helping entrepreneurs, but I thought her tips would be helpful to couples planning a wedding as well.    4 Essentials For Securing Sweet Deals With Vendors Weddings are about love, commitment and celebration. They’re about decisions on steak versus chicken, lilies…Continue Reading

Friday Faves: Honeymoon Ideas for the Budgeting Couple

Want to get away for the honeymoon of your dreams, but don’t want to spend a fortune? From domestic paradises to international wonderlands, I’ve curated a short list of desirable, yet affordable, honeymoon destinations. 1.     Ireland For a fun European destination that won’t empty your wallet, Dublin, Ireland, has returned to the map. Despite its…Continue Reading

4 Ideas From Around the World for Proposing on Valentine’s Day

  The big day is coming! And I don’t mean the BIG, big day (aka, W-Day), but V-Day! If you happen to be reading this and planning a Valentine’s Day proposal to your sweetie, I’ve got a few traditional (but lesser-known) tips hand-picked from around the world for cuteness. (For more proposal tips, head on…Continue Reading

Introducing The DIY Wedding Planning Formula!

You might have noticed it’s been a bit quiet around Event Plan-It, and it’s because I’ve been working on a top secret mission to help out more creative couples just like you! Today is the day I can finally reveal it, and I’m SO EXCITED, YOU GUYS! Over the past 6+ months I’ve compiled some…Continue Reading

What To Serve Guests at a Casual Wedding Reception? Let Them Eat Sandwiches!

Serving guests at a casual reception? Let them eat sandwiches! Quiz time! What are the most important components of your wedding reception? If you answered anything at all related to your guests’ comfort and enjoyment, you’re right on! Of course there are a handful of things that fall into that category, including some sort of…Continue Reading

Friday Faves: Holiday Gifts for the Kids

  Gifts for the sweet kids in your life – whether they’re naughty or nice! For our third installment of the holiday gift guide, my list of gifts are for the wee ones, the munchkins, the hobbitses in your life. Rather than a list of traditional ring bearer personalized t-shirts, personalized baseball bats or personalized necklaces, my lovely…Continue Reading


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