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5 Reasons Going Solo to a Wedding ROCKS

07.22.2015 5 Reasons Going Solo to a Wedding Rocks


No ‘Plus One’? No Problem!

Hollywood loves to stick singles in a dark corner of the reception at the kids’ table, but I’ve got a different take on it. (“Nobody puts Baby in a corner!” Sorry. I had to.) A few years back I attended a dear friend’s wedding out of state – and traveling alone. It was precisely my status as a single bridesmaid with a car that positioned me to become chauffeur of The Official Bridesmobile (which appropriately also happened to be a lime green Fiesta). I had the distinct honor of not only carting around the bride throughout the weekend, but also being *exactly* where all the fun stuff happened because of that role. Being the single girl with the car played a huge part in the hilarious and happy memories my friends and I share from that weekend. Had I been tethered to a date (or concerned about leaving a date to fend for himself while I was hanging with the girls), that experience would have been much different.

Female Guest At Wedding Reception

So whether you’re going solo because you didn’t receive that coveted +1 or because you’re presently single, here’s why going solo to a wedding secretly ROCKS: 


1. Freedom

Go where you want, do what you want, stay out all night or leave early – without clearing it with anyone else. Dance the Cupid Shuffle barefoot wearing the garter around your head, or slow dance with the flower girl or ring bearer. It would be in good form to check in with your hosts (the couple) before going completely AWOL – especially if you are in the wedding party! – but beyond that *you are your own boss*.


2. You’re a cheap date

Weddings can be expensive, but when you’re on your own your expenses are cut in half. No need to pay for a date’s hotel or flight costs if you’re traveling solo – or any awkward discussion of whose responsibility it will be to cover those things. If you’re going solo, you might even be able to crash with a friend! (Pro tip: Be a pal, and *ask* in advance of arriving to the wedding if your friend has room for you, and then offer to pay for your share. And oh btw, it’s almost never cool to ask the couple if you can stay with them!) 


3. Have fun with your friends and family

Whether the couple-to-be are friends or relatives, chances are you’ll want to do some catching up and celebrating with them and possibly other guests. Bringing along a date will divide your time – unless you plan on being a terrible date and ignoring them all night to party with your friends. (Hint: I don’t recommend it.) 


4. No adult babysitting

You know that person who just doesn’t know when to quit? Well at least that person won’t be your date. Especially with an open bar, babysitting the drunk girl or dude is no one’s idea of a good time. The good news is, when you’re flying solo you won’t have to do any of that. The only person you need to keep track of is numero uno.


5. Zero awkwardness around the bouquet / garter toss

Ok, so that’s a flat-out lie. There is always awkwardness around the bouquet and garter toss. But this time, it’s not about whether you and your date both win the catches. Do you both get up? What if one of you catches and the other doesn’t? Nope, none of that! So line up to catch if you want – or make a beeline for the restroom. Either way you won’t be having a fight over it at the end of the night.


Still need some convincing? Here’s how to make the best of going stag:

  • Elevate your mind – YOLO! Have fun and remember that you’re there because the couple wanted to celebrate a really important moment with you.
  • Bond with family and friends – Dance, sing, take photos of yourselves doing incriminating things. Be present and enjoy the company that is there. Bask in the intense connections that are always present at weddings. And rock out to We Are Family.
  • Be fabulous – Honey, just because you’re going solo doesn’t mean you can’t be fabulous anyway! Wear that power lipstick, dye your hair, rock out in a hot new dress or suit – whatever gives you that added boost of confidence. Just remember that the only person you need to impress is yourself.


What are some other perks to going solo to a wedding? 



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